In cultures all over the world, special celebrations include a ritual of food and eating.
Food is respected,  blessed and consumed mindfully as a gift of abundance from nature.

The energy we put into the food during preparation transfers to the person who eats it and becomes a part of them as they assimilate it. ​

When food is made with Love it carries a very different energy to factory-made food.
This is why your grannie's apple pie always tasted so good!

Mindfully prepared 
Delicious tasting
Beautifully presented
Made with Love and Care

When you need to feed a crowd with delicious, consciously prepared food where can you turn?

There are some amazing catering companies in London. Their food is inventive, delicious and visually stunning!
(We know, because we've worked for them!)
Yet mostly it is prepared by temporary agency chefs with little awareness of energy dynamics and no interest in plant-based cookery.
We are sensitive to the requirements of clients with physical, spiritual, moral and ethical principles. We diligently work with full presence and awareness to ensure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

​Whatever your particular dietary requirements we can provide a delicious, balanced menu that will satisfy, and delight, all guests.​​

Let us prepare something extra special for your events and celebrations.
A bespoke menu created with positive intent, and gratifying food, infused with good vibes and Made with LOVE! 
 Gluten free
 Sugar free
 Low Fodmap

 Finger food
 Bowl food
 Buffet style
 Plated fine dining

We can cater for your Wedding, Birthday, Christmas party, Workshops, Retreats and more..

Please contact to discuss your personal requirements and menu ideas.
Feed us with Love
 “ On a short notice, Red created space and put her heart & creativity into developing a demanding macrobiotic menu for a party of 100 people! She delivered a highly professional catering service, despite having had to improvise last minute due to oven technical issues at the party’s location. The result was a beautiful and tasty artwork. Her attention to details and impeccable presentation are evidence of her true passion for food and feeding people. Thank you Red - it was my birthday, but you were the star of the night.”   Vanessa, London
" I was fortunate enough to experience Red’s sublime cooking at a 9 day retreat in Ireland. There were around 30 guests and the meals were exclusively vegetarian. I have followed a strict vegetarian diet for the last 10 years and have eaten at most of the top restaurants in London. Red’s dishes were among the best I have ever eaten.  The creativity and variety she was able to produce for us was exquisite, Every single guest loved all of her dishes and dinner time was the highlight of each day. I have and will continue to highly recommend Red to anyone, her food is a rare delight." M.Keshavji, London
 " Every single meal was wonderful. I could taste the energy and love you put into it. Thank you again :) "  Steve , London 
" Red might be one of the best vegetarian cooks around...
Super delicious meals at the retreat this year.....will miss them! " Wouter, Holland
" Didn't get a chance to thank you properly for looking after myself and the rest of the participants last week. What a terrific talent you have, such variety and tastiness ! THANK YOU!!!! best wishes and see you next time "  Adam, London

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Sober bar 

Solving the problem of non-alcohol drinking

The drinking of alcohol is deeply ingrained in our culture and synonymous with celebrations,
yet more and more people are now choosing to abstain.

This presents several dilemmas for a host such as what exactly to serve and how to manage the
varying degrees of intoxication within a group.
The newly sober are oftentimes reluctant to attend an event where alcohol is being served
in order to avoid temptation.
Thus far, just as vegans are relegated to loveless fruit salad desserts, the sober party goer is
palmed off with sugary pop or plain old fruit juice!

​The sober bar concept offers your guests a more sophisticated experience and encourages a 
harmonic vibe to prevail for the duration of the event. 
This can be especially desirable at daytime gatherings such as christenings or corporate breakfasts.

We have a creative menu of elegant cocktails using fresh herbs, spices, berries, flavoured tonics,
bitters and fruit purees. To maximise the wow factor all drinks are beautifully garnished.
We use a non-alcoholic distilled spirit to create unique flavours and twists on old classics.
Added to this we can offer winter warmer mulled punches,  summer coolers, non-alcoholic lager 
and herbal teas.

"..especially loved the sober bar idea; it was so cool to have a barperson mixing up alcohol free cocktails. Amazing flavours, colours and aroma's going around the room. I kept looking forward to what was next" Lance, London
"Sober bar is awesome. What I found especially novel was that I said goodbye to the same people at the end of the night that I met at the beginning, not some unrecognisable drunk version" Matt, Merseyside
"..we had a great time and those cocktails were amazingly yummy. I'm a regular drinker but for the first couple I didnt even notice they didn't have alcohol in them! "  Marc, London
Sober me up