Are you ready to embark on a life-changing trip of personal transformation?

Does any of the following sound familiar?
You're feeling stuck in a rut  
You need a whole life reboot
You feel unsupported, bored, frustrated, depressed, apathetic
You need some new inspiration 
You want to clarify your personal goals and purpose
Need to focus on your self rather than others for a change 
Or perhaps you are just very curious as to what life has to offer 

This course does not promote the latest fad and claim it will save your life if you follow the path of the guru.
Don't join us if you're looking for yet another rule rampant belief system.
We're going far beyond hyperactive motivation coaching that saps your energy and leaves you feeling worse!

It's a course designed to empower you to become the best version of yourself through self-awareness

This holistic approach shows you how to support your physical, mental, emotional and environmental health. 
The skills taught will empower you to take back control of your life journey. 
You will consider various new ideas that broaden perspective and open you to possibility.
You will be invited to engage all senses in a fun exploration of the diversity of life.
This all culminates in a realistic action plan for achieving your greater life vision.

However we will not rely soley on your will power and discipline. You will be able to effectively change unsatisfying areas of your life, via your subconscious beliefs, using the powerful PSYCH-K method. Learn more about this here.

You will also visit Londons only Spa for exploration of consciousness, play with cutting edge mind expanding technology and experience the healing power of the vibrating sound deck. Find out more about the amazing and unique Future Spa.

Be further inspired with music, book suggestions and website links that ensure you have many avenues to explore long after the course has finished. Expand your life at your own pace and in your own direction! 

There is amazing value in this course, and the potential to instigate huge changes if you so desire. Oftentimes, simply being supported and having the space to 'be real' is incredibly enlightening in itself. The fact of committing to self improvement and allowing time to unwind the knots of the mind are in themselves powerful catalysts for healing.

When we are ready for something, it appears in our reality. Not for some magical, airy fairy reason, but because inside, we do know what we need for our greatest good, and so we become aware of it when required.
This is nature's way of finding the most effective method to survive. A kind of positive perception bias.
So if you are reading this and it resonates with you, take the leap, do yourself a massive favour,

Invest in your quality of life now, you are so worth it! 

And as Marianne Williamson said "Your playing small does not serve the world"

What you can expect to gain from this course:
Identify subconscious limiting beliefs that are hindering your progress and install supportive new ones.
Expand your perspective to get 'un-stuck'.
Enhanced self awareness and self-responsibility leading to increased confidence.
An understanding of how energy dynamics effect us in unseen ways.
Feng shui advice for arranging your environment to support your goals.
Personalised advice for increasing the healthfulness of your chosen diet. 
Healthy cooking tuition and recipes.
Learn simple techniques and exercises to support your bodily organs.
Emotional release techniques.
Interpret your own actions and reactions.
Money and life hacks.
Strengthen your personal relationships.
Practice your listening skills.
Increased confidence to handle any future situations.
A brief retreat from regular life, Spend some time focusing on YOU!
Become more comfortable in your own skin.
Connect with your right brained creativity and intuition.
Clarity on your values, goals and purpose.

Also included:
Private PSYCH-K session.
Group gong bath and vibrational sound healing session at London's only 'Mind Spa' for consciousness exploration.
Cutting edge Light entrainment therapy session.
Participate in sharing circles, speak your truth and be heard.
Nature walks in Epping forest.
Recommended reading list and suggested web-links for your continued growth.
Life coaching and future action plan.
Healthy, tasty, nourishing lunches, fresh juices and herbal teas.

What to expect

To ensure attentive personal support the group will be limited to 6 Life Expanders only.
The setting is informal and comfortable at a residential property in E18, London, uk.
Each day will focus on a different aspect of life to expand. 
The topics and pace of learning will adapt to the requirements of the group and will take the following forms:

Sharing circles - the opportunity to speak freely without interruption and be heard without any external judgements.
Short meditations in various forms to relax the mind, gain clarity and increase awareness.
Group discussions, philosophising and exploring various perspectives.
Lectures and practical demonstrations.
Writing exercises, creative activities, partnered exercises.
Let's discuss my holistic expansion
Dates for upcoming course

16th-17th Sept

30th Sept-1st Oct

28th-29th Oct

11th-12th Nov

9th-10th Dec

Would you like to be notified about the next available course dates?


Continue reading for a insight into the schedule, faq's and testimonials


Week 1 - Energetics and Environment
These first sessions will explain how to access and utilise the flow of energy all around and within us. This concept underpins all further study, syncs us to the rhythms of nature and brings us to a place of deeper awareness.
Also receive practical advice for arranging your home and work environment. How to utilise the frequencies of colours, better product choices and advice for minimising toxins and negativity in all areas of your life.

Week 2 - Body and Emotions
This weekend is all about supporting your physical and emotional bodies. Learn about how the various organs relate to the seasons, your food choices, activities, reactions and state of mind. Identify where you have been holding on to old stuff that may have been negatively affecting you. Learn simple techniques to enhance your energetic flow, alleviate discomfort and release trapped emotional energy.

Week 3 - Cooking and Eating
Two tasty days focused on enhancing your health through your food choices. 
We will explore the effectiveness of various diets, fads, biological constitutions and the dark side of the food and health industries.
This weekend involves practical cookery demonstrations and tuition. 
Learn how to adjust your personal diet to choose healthier options. Together we will make health promoting, flavoursome alternatives to your favourite meals and snacks.

Week 4 - Self-awareness and Relationships
This module considers our connection to self and others. How we interact with people and things around us is integral to how we experience our lives. This includes ourselves, our loved ones and even strangers. Learn simple self health checking, self-reflection and mindfulness, the impact of our words, interpret signs from the subconscious, connect with your spirit and intuition. Gain new insight and skills on personal challenge and motivation.
Day 2 contains invaluable information about understanding love relationships and keeping them strong.

Week 5 - Creativity and Life Vision
This is where we tap into your right-brained creative side. Through various exercises we will release your imagination, question your boundaries and stretch your identity.
With a wider perspective you are now able to formulate a greater vision for your future. With a little coaching assistance to clarify goals and purpose, and some creative thinking, we will devise an attainable action plan for you going forwards and send you off with a calm, confident, refreshed and positive outlook. 

Duration - 10 days arranged over 5 weekends (plus trip to Future Spa and personal therapy sessions)
Your investment - £950
Commitment - £200 required to ensure your place

Full balance requested by start of course
Pay by instalments option available by arrangement

We are participating in the Gift economy and by registering for this course, so are you! 
A portion of the proceeds from every participant will be donated in order to continue the funding of projects and organisations who have previously gifted to us plus those we strongly believe in.
Its a beautiful system and you can read more about it here!

Yes! I want to EXPAND my life!

"I had a PSYCH-K session with Red and was blown away by the the depths which I silently learnt about myself....  
The set up is so simple and relaxed. For me, it opened massive instant transformation. Such beautiful self validation and correction.    
I massively recommend this therapy to anyone with any depth of issue. I massively recommend you trust in it too.. the results come from You. Trust in every step you choose to make."  Paul, London

"As a pessimist in general I thought of myself as an outsider and as such would accept the imperfections of others as similar to my own. This is only the first phase of the relationship with the rest of the world. Red is the gateway to another stage of understanding. This life is amazing, and through passion for individual awareness, of yourself, through yourself, Red is the greatest inspiration I have ever encountered. Her geniune enthusiasm for everything is awe inspiring and finding motivation after traveling alongside her is inevitable. Love is all there is."
John, London

"Red is a rather unassuming, curious wealth of information on life improvement. She seems to always have a timely suggestion or know exactly what I need to hear. I feel more confident for talking to her. When I find myself in a sticky situation I think to myself 'what would Red do?' ! " 
Anna, Bristol

"Learning from you Red was actually a real life saving, life changing experience. I was totally hopeless in the kitchen, and never fed myself properly. Your simple recipes and neat tips for cooking have given me a confidence and now I am taking on cooking things I never would have had the confidence to do before. I cannot actually believe the changes that have come about since our lessons. I'm working with real, live herbs now and mixing and matching like I could never imagined. Your patience was extraordinary and your calmness in my confusion so grounding. Thank you so much for what you have given me. It's truly appreciated."
Kate Surgey-London



*Is there a qualification? 

This is all about You and your personal growth. You are only answerable to yourself and your proof is in the positive differences that you will notice in your life.
While there is no qualification as such, you will receive a certificate of expansion on completion.

*Will I receive homework? 

There is no formal homework although I will occasionally suggest a practice to incorporate into your daily life as a personal experiment. Ths course is about making adjustments to your life in a way that will permanently enhance it. This is your ongoing homework and you are free to partake of it in your own time and at your own pace.

*Is this going to be all 'New agey' hippy dippy stuff? 

Some of the concepts may seem a bit 'New agey' but there are now many scientific studies that offer solid evidence for the benefits of all of these practices. This course offers suggestions, practical tools and encourages you to broaden your perspective for the sole purpose of expanding your own life in a way that suits YOU. You may encounter some leftfield ideas along the way but you won't be expected to wear a kaftan and hug trees! 

*Where is the course held?
At a residential property in Snaresbrook, London E18. We are on the central line and just 3 minutes walk from the station. As fresh air and sunshine are vital healing elements we will take advantage of any good weather and go outside to the garden or the green spaces in the area.

*Will you cater for my specific dietary requirements?
Yes, just remember to mention it when you register. Lunch is included and will be vegetarian unless the requirements of the group are otherwise.

*What if I cannot attend a class?
You are strongly advised to attend all classes. A combination of abundant information, practical exercises and low course fees means that I cannot repeat a day for you if you are absent. I can however offer you a 1hr skype session and send you a synopsis of the days teachings. With a small group it is preferable if everyone attends to keep the momentum and energy high.
If you have a prior engagment on any of the dates, please discuss with me when booking and I shall endeavor to accommodate your plans.