A self-empowering approach to diet and lifestyle that can totally transform your health.
Macrobiotic means 'Large life'. It is a fascinating diet and lifestyle influenced by the healthiest and longest living communities on our planet.

Weight loss

Better digestion

Stronger hair

Glowing skin

Stress relief

Macrobiotic Diet

Increased mental clarity

More energy

Greater immunity

A flexible and nutritious way of eating that satisfies all tastes.
A macrobiotic diet uses energy dynamics rather than abstinence to achieve your desired weight, shape and state of health. 

Eliminate mood swings

Lower blood pressure

Stablise blood sugar

We are all unique, each with a different constitution, unique gut flora and personal requirements so therefore the 'one diet fits all' approach makes no sense at all.

Macrobiotics however is adaptable to the seasons, your environment, your current condition and your own personal health goals. 
It incorporates the most nutrient dense foods available with an emphasis on unprocessed and organic wholefoods. 
The body has it's own inner intelligence and if fuelled properly will work effectively and efficiently. Therefore the focus is on sustaining a healthy balance in terms of yin and yang energy.
While there are guidlines of what to eat and what not to eat, there is no restrictive calorie counting or meal boredom.

In fact the food is varied and tasty as the meals are generally formed of several smaller dishes that comply to a flexible ratio of cooked wholegrains, vegetables and proteins.
There may also be a soup, a pressed salad and healing herbal teas. 

Miso is frequently included as are other fermented foods and sea vegetables. These keep our digestion running smoothly and provide us with all elements essential for human health.
When deciding what to eat we can use several models to make the right choices that will bring us back to a healthy balance, they are:
  • Yin and Yang
  • Chinese five elements
  • Chakra system
  • Glycaemic index
  • Western nutrition
  • Acid/alkaline balance
The macrobiotic diet is unique in that it's not solely the foods that you eat that are thought to contribute to your healthy balance. The various tastes, textures, and the qualities of the different cooking styles also play an important role. 
Each of these also relate to organs in the body so, with a little knowledge of the models mentioned above, you become able to take responsibility for any imbalances that arise and assist the body in it's healing process.
To learn macrobiotics really is an invaluable, life-changing and delicious gift to yourself.
Eat yourself healthy

Philosophy and lifestyle

At the core of Macrobiotics is a self-empowering set of principles designed to maximise your potential to live a 'large life'.

  • Non-credo
  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude
  • Welcoming challenge
  • Embracing change
  • ​Responsibility
  • Self-reflection
  • Living from the heart
  • Freedom

Using the principles of Chinese five elements, yin and yang, meditation and mindfulness  we can become responsible for our own health.

We can develop momentary body awareness and fuel or treat ourselves appropriately.
We can learn to deal effectively with any unexpected issues without succumbing to stress or overwhelming emotion.
We can learn to accept our personal differences and live a life free from judgement, with less friction and less argument.
We can be flexible in our ideas, not rigidly stuck in one limited avenue of thinking. 

These are just a few of the positive changes that can come about when we open our mind to possibility.

Macrobiotics teaches us to live harmoniously and happily. It gives us the desire and ability to self-heal and sustain balance. We become intuitive, self-aware and an inspiration to others. 

Would you like to become the kind of person that you'd like to know?

Be the change you want to see in the world

 Macrobiotic cookery lesson 

 Learn how to put together all the components of a typical macrobiotic meal.
 Try some new ingredients and be inspired to eat healthier. 
 Your teacher is a trained macrobiotic cook and health advisor plus a professional vegetarian  catering  chef so you can be guaranteed of some tasty treats.
 This is healthy food with no compromise on flavour!
 Delicious lunch and recipes included.
 £95 per person

 Course of 5 macrobiotic cooking lessons 

 Delve deeper into the diet! 
 If you're serious about your health you will find this course of lessons really valuable.
 You will get creative with the recipes, encounter some of the more unusual ingredients and  learn how to  maximise flavour in healthy cooking. 
 Each menu will be focused towards your current personal requirements whilst covering
 all the macrobiotic principles and cooking techniques.
​ Delicious lunch and recipes included.
​ £440 per person

 Macrobiotics introduction 
 Get a good grounding into this fascinating philosophy and learn how it can be of use to you 
 in your daily life.
 Great as a precursor to macrobiotic cooking lessons as the theory supports the practice. 
 Includes an explanation of macrobiotic principles and models,
 personalised dietary and lifestyle advice.
 Skype available.

 Macrobiotics full day 

 A whole day immersion into the theory and practice of macrobiotics.
 You will gain a good understanding of how it all works along with tools you can integrate into  your daily life.
 Explanation of macrobiotic principles and models, personal health consultation, life coaching  and action plan, mindfulness exercise, cookery lesson and delicious lunch included.

Im ready for a large life!
  "I really enjoyed the class last week and have since made the peaches & cream dessert almost everyday!!" - Mary, London  

"Learning from you Red was actually a real life saving life changing experience. I was totally hopeless in the kitchen, and never fed myself properly. Your simple recipes and neat tips for cooking have given me a confidence and now I am taking on cooking things I never would have had the confidence to do before. I cannot actually believe the changes that have come about since our lessons. I'm working with real, live herbs now and mixing and matching like I could never imagined. Your patience was extraordinary and your calmness in my confusion so grounding. Thank you so much for what you have given me. It's truly appreciated."
Kate Surgey-London