Raynor Massage

A highly effective and deeply healing style of massage incorporating reflexology, shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. 
This deep tissue massage works with your meridian paths to unblock and revitalise your natural flow.
We work with pressure points, gradually releasing bands of tension and energetic blockages. Its not unusual to feel tingling in areas that have had compromised energetic flow for years! 
Get me a Body Mechanic!
This style is extremely effective for those involved in sports, climbing, gymnastics and any activity that requires regular tightening of the muscles. 

1 hr £85
2 hrs £120

Hot Stone Massage

This style of massage is relaxing and invigorating at the same time!
We use alternate hot basalt and cold marble and jade stones combined with appropriate essential oils for maximum healing benefit.

The stones are used to massage your tight muscles and stimulate your lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. 

Hot and cold stone massage is great for getting your circulation going and is very beneficial for  your immune system.
Invigorate Me 

1 hr £85
2 hr £120

Crystal Reiki Healing Massage

A massage for the soul and spirit, this unique experience will leave you with a feeling of floating on air. 
This is for you if you want to relax while aborbing all the powerful healing benefits of crystal frequencies.  

This very pleasant, gentle massage includes channelling reiki to balance your aura and encourage a smooth energetic flow.

We then use a variety of smooth palm stones, wands, balls and rollers which are intuitively chosen along with appropriate essential oils.

You will also choose an oracle card message to guide you onwards and be offered a glass of crystal infused water to boost your internal vibrational health.
Ooh Yes Please

1 hr £85
2 hr £120


  1. Raynor massage
    1hr - £85 2hr - £120 Special offer - book 6 x 1hr sessions for £340 (Paid in advance)
  2. Hot Stone
    1hr - £85 2hr - £120 Special offer - book 6 x 1hr sessions for £340 (Paid in advance)
  3. Crystal Massage
    1hr - £85 2hr - £120 Special offer - book 6 x 1hr sessions for £340 (Paid in advance)