​A fast and effective method of changing limiting subconscious beliefs into supportive ones so that you can stop sabotaging your own life.
Recommended by Bruce Lipton PhD author of The Biology of Belief.
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PSYCH-K™ is an effective method of changing subconscious beliefs that are  limiting your potential for great health, self-esteem, finances, relationships and more!
This simple process is un-intrusive, fast and has life-changing results!
Does it sometimes feel like no matter what you do, how hard you try, there always seems to be something preventing you from reaching your goal? Here's why..

How it works
Throughout our lives we pick up habits and information that we store in our subconscious minds. 
The subconscious mind automatically reacts to current situations with its previously stored behaviour responses, and it works without the knowledge or control of the conscious mind.

This system works very well to help us learn and to keep us safe from harm.
A good example of this is the ability to walk and talk. We don't have to think about it anymore, it just seems to happen by itself!
However, we have also developed many untrue beliefs that are no longer useful and are hindering our progress. 
Phobias, fears and the belief that 'money is hard to come by' are common examples of this.

Neuroscientists have shown that the conscious mind provides just 5% or less of our conscious activity during the day, the subconscious mind running 95% of the show.
This conflict is the reason that you can never quite achieve what you want to
just by using your conscious mind. 
If you have a limiting belief program in place, all the good intentions in the

world wont help as unfortunately it’s always your subconscious that wins the argument.

The good news is that in the same way that these beliefs are embedded,
PSYCH-K™  can easily make new connections with alternate, more favourable beliefs by communicating directly with your subconscious mind.
With these supporting patterns in place you are free to change your life immeasurably! 

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1 session  £95
3 sessions £255 (paid in advance)

Skype and phone sessions available

 "This was my second Psych-K session - my first session with Red however and I was blown away by the the depths which I silently learnt about myself....  
 The set up is so simple and relaxed. For me, it opened massive instant transformation. Such beautiful self validation and correction.    
 I massively recommend this therapy to anyone with any depth of issue. I massively recommend you trust in it too.. the results come from You. Trust in every step you choose to make."  Paul, London

Balancing your beliefs

The processes for changing your beliefs are called 'Balances'.
There are various balances, that your subconscious will choose, that can be easily completed in just a few minutes.
These balances consist of some very simple actions combined with positive statements resulting in integration of both hemispheres of the brain.
Here are just a few of the balances we can potentally use in PSYCH-K™.
New Direction Balance
​This is useful for issues that you are consciously aware of that are hindering your progress in life. This balance is used to quickly eliminate stress and install positive beliefs to support your preferred life vision.
Relationship Balance
We can use this balance to help bring harmony, understanding and acceptance to any relationship.
It is not required for the partner to be present, aware or even living. 
Can be used for relationships between people, pets , places and personal items, past, present or future.
Life Bonding Balance
During this balance you will be gently guided to transform any trauma surrounding your birth, life experience and concept of death. This is helpful for those who feel the universe is not supporting them, anyone who has had a traumatic birth or life as well as certain phobias and health conditions.
Also useful for those who are close to the end of life to alleviate the fear of the inevitable and help them to pass over peacefully.
Core Belief Balance
Gets right to the root of a problem and dissolves those subconscious blockages.
Useful if you just can't seem to figure out why things are the way they are!
Lets get some Balance

Feng Shui

Encouraging a harmonious energetic flow in your environment can improve all areas of your life.
Feng Shui design principles can be used in your home, garden and workplace to ease tensions and maximise productivity.

How it works

Feng Shui translates as ‘wind water’. These two life-giving elements pervade the entire planet and are constantly in flux. Everything is connected through the movement of this energy in the air that we breathe and the water that makes up our cells.

As Energy moves around our environment it brings with it various qualities and frequencies from the different directions. How we interact with these subtle forces determines how we feel in our daily life.
In these days of artificial materials, EMFs, noise pollution and visual bombardment we are constantly being affected mentally, emotionally and physically.

By creating a harmonious energetic flow we can improve areas of our lives where we may be experiencing lack or frustration. 
Eg, Feng Shui may be used in the home to help alleviate restless sleep.

Alternatively we can harness these energy dynamics and help build an environment conducive to its intended purpose.
Eg, Feng Shui can be used in a business premises to boost motivation and creativity.

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt comfortable and relaxed? 
Compare this to a memory of being in a room that felt cluttered, imbalanced and odd. 
The difference in feeling is simply due to the Feng Shui.
In which room do you imagine that you could work or sleep better?

By identifying problematic areas of your life and deciding on a pleasing alternative outcome we can then suggest cures to help you reach you goal.
Feng Shui cures include colours, textiles, images, directions, object placement, and furniture layout.

All cures respect the size and shape of your home and your personal tastes.

 Feng Shui personal fix
​ One to one session in which we will use the principles of  Feng Shui to determine how to resolve your current  personal issues. Useful for boosting you forward when you  feel stuck. Also receive nine-ki reading and best directions.  Cures are applied to your home and lifestyle.
​ Skype available.

 Pre-purchase property viewing
​ Site visit to determine the Feng Shui of a building or  plot of land prior to purchase.
 The focus here is on the location, environmental  energy flow, emfs, potential  hazards, energy  stagnation, lacking elements and facing directions.
​ £150

Feng Shui Me !

 Complete home, office or garden design
 Ideal for new homes or business ventures.
 Get it right  before you start and flourish in your new  location! 
 Report includes best facing / sleeping directions,  furniture placement, use of imagery, textiles and plants,  maximising potential in each room.
​ £550

 Feng Shui home fix 
 This involves firstly a visit to your home to draw  plans, discuss problematic areas in your life and  determine your desired alternative outcomes.
 You will then receive a report containing suggestions of  layout adjustments, object placement changes,  additions, use of colours, use of textiles and best facing  / sleeping directions.

Wellbeing Coaching

Practical guidance to help you navigate through the stickier patches, pull yourself out of a rut and help make life generally more comfortable.

For anyone who needs a gentle reboot, a helping hand, or just simply a friendly, listening ear! 

Wellness coaching is a means of identifying and resolving the unsatisfactory areas in your life.  

Over thousands of years, the various cultures, religions, scientists and psychologists on this planet have devised a diverse range of simple tools and techniques that can help us through, or even eradicate, the problems in our lives. Yet many people do not know what they are or where to start. 

As humans we identify strongly wth our emotions and physical circumstances yet often we are perceiving symptoms rather than cause. Our physical bodies, our thoughts, emotions and our environment are all connected and, just like the butterfly effect, flapping your wings in one area of life can greatly impact another.
Taking the time to explore an alternate perspective can shed light on any subject.

In these frenetic times it can be helpful simply to have the space to relax and to express yourself uninhibited.

Once we have established where there is imbalance we can motivate and guide you to reach your goals using physical, mental, spiritual or energetic methods.

This holistic life-coaching is not only verbal guidance, but also empowerment with practical tools that will give you the confidence to easily sail through any future wobbles ! 

This style of coaching involves non-judgmental listening to your issues and then, if appropriate, suggesting tools and tricks to resolve them. We may combine aspects of various methods that can be easily implemented into your daily routine along with some useful life hacks! These may include but are not limited to:
  • Self-awareness
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Eft
  • Self health checking
  • Face reading
  • Accupressure
  • Life-coaching
  • Colour therapy
  • Oracle cards
  • Dietary advice

We may also suggest written exercises, recommended reading, listening or viewing.
Help me up 

1 session  £95
3 sessions £255 
(paid in advance)