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Holisiticity is commited to enhancing all areas of your life. 

Whatever your problem, we are confident that we can help, be it of a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual or environmental nature.

We use the following powerful techniques to help you fulfil your greatest potential :  

Dietary Advice

Lifestyle Coaching

Cookery Tuition

Conscious Catering

Raynor Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Crystal Healing Massage


Feng Shui

Wellbeing Coaching

Energy Medicine

Holisticity Motivation !

We all deserve great health yet oftentimes when looking after family we put ourselves to the back of the queue.
It may seem daunting to try something new or we feel we just dont have the time.
Here are three questions to ask yourself: 

Holisticity News

 Wellbeing coaching sessions £55
 3 sessions £160 (recommended for maximum benefit)

 For a limited time only Im offering  discounted wellbeing coaching  sessions.

 This is really useful for if you're feeling  under par but you don't know exactly what  the problem is.
 This style of coaching can incorporate many  methods and techniques so is ideal for  those who feel at a loss, or those who wish  to take advantage of the opportunity to  explore different solutions.
 Click here and scroll down for more details.

1) Are you really living or merely existing?

2) If you were feeling amazing all the time, what more could you contribute to your family or the world?

3) Are You worth making an effort for? 

Vegan cooking classes
          Keep up your
 Veganuary momentum!

 Get a head start with inspiration   and recipe ideas for new and
 seasoned vegans alike! 

  • Essential info on substitutions, proteins, balancing flavours and textures. 

  • Classes are personalised for your particular tastes, dietary requirements and skill level. 

  • Exciting food that feels good and tastes great! Mushroom risotto is so last decade! 

  • Themed classes include:
     Mardi Gras Mayhem, Mexican Madness,
     Plenty more fish in the sea!

  •  Vegan cheese, vegan sausages, vegan         meatballs, vegan fish and chips,
      vegan hoisin duck!

Veganise me
What to expect when you meet Red
Red is a curious, creative and intuitive natural empath. She practices PSYCH-K, Feng Shui, Macrobiotics and healthy eating.

As a Scorpio water sign she is highly sensitive to the flow of energies and has no fear to probe the depths of any dark pool.
She is committed to balance, fulfillment and truth through the practices of self-awareness and good food!

Red knows that every stranger is a friend she hasn’t yet met.
She has a gentle manner that will put you at ease and able to access your full power.
She is highly observant, picking up on words, gestures and nuances yet without judgement.
She will intuitively feel into all perspectives of a situation and sense the strongest pull, from there she will guide you to discover how to best fulfill your potential.

Red is also a trained macrobiotic cook and health advisor, a professional catering chef and cookery teacher.

What to expect when you meet Gary
Gary has a life long fascination into the nature of consciousness and reality.
He practices Raynor massage, Hot stone massage, crystal healing, aromatherapy, reiki.
His Libra sign brings calm, joy and balance to everyone he meets..
He is committed to promoting love and compassion as a way of life.

He has a natural affinity to crystals and hands on healing and will intuitively choose the energies needed for your greatest benefit.

His experiences with transcendental meditation and sacred geometry enable him to easily see through the illusion of physicality and connect to the depths of the issue.
He is competent at finding energetic blocks and will soon have your meridians flowing freely.